Over the years I have directed the transformation of a wide array of interiors... from homes in their entirety, to refreshing the look of an individual room; from country clubs to retirement condos, Vermont to Grand Cayman to California. Each unique and challenging in their own way. Personalities equally unique... all having one thing in common... the desire to have an “oasis of tranquility amidst a sea of discontentment”. Each individual/every family, wished their corner of the world a haven. In our today’s world, it is important to have the ability to shelter and nurture ourselves from outside distractions... to tune into peace and turn off the chaos. My goal, simply put, is to make your design goal my own and to help you achieve it, within YOUR budget, YOUR time frame, and YOUR design ethic. We can discover these objectives together. 

About myself... I graduated from the design school “Randolph”. Those in the know will tell you of its reputation. My mentors demanded hard work and discipline from beginning to end. With manic dedication one may make it. I collaborated with a former teacher as assistant and associate designer for ten years. All interiors I have designed, before and since, reflect discipline and dedication instilled by those sage minds who shared their passion for all things artful. Loving my work as I do, I take each job to heart. Big or small, each is an honor and a trust.

Should you require the services of tradespeople, I recommend only those of genuine ability and professionalism. These include: upholsterers, drapery makers, wallpaper hangers, painters/faux finishers, custom cabinet makers, flooring installers, and other artisans of distinct abilities. Our wide selection of services available to you is tried and true. I stake my reputation on it.

Whether you choose to enhance your home for the holidays, refurbish or replace some element of your interior, or desire a complete home makeover... keep this in mind... an interior designer should always save you more money than they cost you. We have the best resources available at the best value.

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